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Fascination with emotions is driving my continuous and varied search for beauty.

In my work, beauty is much more than just a visual sensation in photographic work.


I believe that every emotion is an energy that can be transformed into forms.

It can be expressed and posed in so many various ways.

Women’s softness, tenderness and fragility are those poses of energy expressed physically and somehow naturally.

The same way they are natural as are my own emotional states of momentary sadness and melancholy.

Working with the camera, I aim to join all of these together, into one seamless composition - my own emotions superimposed by my camera actions on layers of the subject being photographed.

In these moments, all ephemeral states of being merges into one - for a moment which I like to capture.


My personal fascination with unusual beauty goes through this series of freckled people,

whom I believe have something very special in their soul.

The unusual appearance and state of their being always make me wonder where the difference is coming from and why?

Why is beauty so fragile and distinct in a way of balancing on the edge of being refused and not accepted?

The state of human beings with such distinct appearance somehow makes me think that they deal with situations differently, they relate to people differently.

This also comes on the surface in photographic work, where I can bond far better with these somehow special and naturally gifted people.


Ginger and freckled inspirations are my current most inspirational and influential muses through whom I can express my own feelings.

I search for that hidden beauty.

Layer by layer I aim to discover and capture the purity within and present the unusuality as beauty. Working together with my subjects I love to be excited finding in interaction what their soul is like and what lies inside on more personal and emotional levels.


More than anything I believe my photographic exploration is a little experiment into inner souls and shall serve more than just visual imagery, but more as social experimentation of interaction between human beings - the emotional me and the emotional (photographed) subject.




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