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Fisherman’s wife is about the love equality in relationships where equality meets at one point - under the roof, under the net, under the sun.

In between, we fight the world!

We prove, or at least we try to prove.

We have to justify ourselves; we compare,

we balance words and thoughts

of our consciousness and all underlining

messages of this world.

Our true self gets distorted, challenged and tweaked in comparison with some universal language of this world.

As the day goes by, we are exposed to the lonely existence.

But this is only because we are alone without the other complementary part of us. 


At the end of the physical day, both entities have to bring their qualities to the family. 

To be matched, to be equalised, to meet and

merge in celebration of love and unity. 

Perhaps understanding and forgiveness.

Both exhausted.

The day is over, the fight with this world is over. 

Only us at the table, understanding each other without words. The universal language of love.




  • @siobhan_blackburn

  • @harryhb23


Makeup Artist:

  • Suzanna Forrister- Beer @suzannamakeupps



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  •  @zuzu.valla

Fishermans Wife


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